Since 2017, We need space has been an urban, social and cultural project, based on Action Research method, with the aims to support connections within citizens, public administration, professionals and the R&D world, thanks to participatory processes, architectural design workshops, artist residences and management of multisector networks.

Every year we experiment different tools for working with local communities and develop the most appropriate strategies to the specific context.

We Need Space presented its method at Biennale di Venezia 2018 and Biennale Spazio Pubblico 2019 in Rome.

This year the workshop will be online. Are you ready to Play with the park?


We Need Space 2021

The municiaplity of Cinto Caomaggiore (VE) takes part to the cross-border projectEngreen” (ENhancement of GREEN infrastructure), financed by the EU Program Interreg Italia-Slovenia 2014-2020, in order to ensure a good state of conservation of the species / habitats related to green infrastructures in the cross-border area involved in the project.

We are working together with the local administration and stakeholders, for the realization of a Masterplan for the management and the development of the area called Parco Terre Risorgive, that has both a naturalistic and recreational vocation.


The aim of the pilot action is to improve the management of human, natural and physical resources of the “Parco regionale di interesse locale del Reghena, Lemene e laghi di Cinto”, combining the contributions of public and private subjects, unifying what has already been done over the years, collecting documentation and experiences where the Park is involved.

By collecting these materials, the group of stakeholders will be supported to develop some of the actions that will emerge along the way.


Process phases:

  • Empowerment

    Involvement of stakeholders and definition of the activities necessary for the enhancement and management of the Park.

  • Masterplan

    Intended as an incrementable and adaptive toolkit, capable of composing an overall vision through the implementation of partial visions, capable of timely and temporary actions but which have the capability to generate new visions for the future. International workshop is part of this phase.

  • Framework

    Construction of a digital infrastructure that hosts all the material concerning the Park produced to date and conveying the tools for the management and enhancement of the same.


Let’s meet Terre Risorgive!

The Park Terre Risorgive, is a public place in which different local associations and companies collaborate for the protection and development of this prestigious territorial area.

The Park headquarters area is considered particularly interesting for carrying out future activities such as the periodic market, events, exhibitions, conferences, recreational and sports activities.

This area is located in a former historic mill in Cinto Caomaggiore, near Cinto lakes, one of the main areas of the park both from a naturalistic point of view and for its dimensions. Many people are developing its potential and thousands could be the users of this space.

Festa delle Risorgive is an annual event that animates the Park.

During the event, thousands people can practice open air activities, sports, enjoy music, local food with a focus on issues concerning conscious development, use, respect and protection of the environment.


Play with the park
International workshop

How to make the Park attractive for all the associations , companies , and individual citizens involved, respecting biodiversity?

For this IV edition, We Need Space, organize an international and multidisciplinary workshop to answer this question.

  • Playground - Project Area

    An area of 40 hectares that includes: The compendium of the former mill, woodland, Lake Acco, and agricultural land owned by the municipality.

  • Let’s Play!

    Each player takes part in a team of 3 people, and receive a starter kit to better know the battlefield where the challanges will take place and some benefits to use when needed.



Hard activities and contests will take place once a week for three weeks, in form of full-time design ex tempore, during which teams will have to respond to a project issue whithin the day. (15-22-29 May).

Soft activities will take place during the days between the challenges, the partecipants will receive some input and digital contents to prepare themselves for the next competition.



The jury: the ex-tempore output will be reviewed and judged by a technical jury made up of Professors from 3 European Universities and by a popular jury composed by the local community.
Show your talent, earn extra points and win!

Download the schedule




In 2017 we organized artist residencies and an international workshop for the design of a mobile pavilion.

Download the report



In 2018 we worked on mobility and urban regeneration. Nine students, during a design workshop, developed a masterplan for the city center. The path undertaken together with the citizens, the administration, the universities and the designers in charge, led to a definitive project that is currently under construction.

Download the report



In 2019 we lead “Laboratorio Parco” by exploring the potential of “Parco regionale di interesse locale del Reghena, Lemene e laghi di Cinto” and the pertinent buildings, its management, necessary equipment and useful interventions to make it attractive, usable, alive and respected. Also here we have worked with local stakeholders and with Universities.

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In 2020 we had to stop for a while, but we started working on the 2021 edition.


#1 newsletter

First challenge topic.

These are the materials to start from:

- Presentation of challenge #1: "Something is happening! Communicate with architecture";

- Photos of the project area   

- A graphic map of Terre Risorgive Park;

- Sara's interview, from the local association Enzima

- some learning material by tutors.

#2 newsletter

Second challenge topic.


At this link you can find the topic and the toolkit to start.



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